Full-time Faculty

   Sean Ahearn
Professor; Spatial Data Science Certificate Advisor; GIS Certificate Advisor; MGEOi Advisor; and Director, Center for Advanced Research of Spatial Information (CARSI)
  Email: sahearn@hunter.cuny.edu
Phone: 212-772-5327
Office: 1026 HN
  Interests: Agent-based models, space-time analysis, digital image analysis, ecological modeling, emergency response, urban geographic systems
  Jochen Albrecht
Professor; and Graduate Geography Advisor;
  Email: jochen.albrecht@gmail.com (preferred) or jochen@hunter.cuny.edu
Geography Graduate Advising Email: jochen.albrecht@gmail.com
Office: 1030 HN
  Interests: Dynamic or process GIS, spatio-temporal analysis, landscape ecology, crime and health applications
  Frank Buonaiuto
Associate Professor
  Email: fbuonaiu@hunter.cuny.edu
Phone: 212-650-3092
Office: 1049 HN
  Interests: Oceanography, coastal processes, numerical modeling of waves, tides and sediment transport
  Geoffrey Fouad
Doctoral Lecturer

Email: gf1015@hunter.cuny.edu
Phone: 212-650-3591
Office: 1044 HN

  Interests: Water resources, wetlands, groundwater, streamflow, water quality, geographic information systems and statistical modeling
  Allan Frei
Professor; Undergraduate Geography Advisor; and Deputy Director, Institute for Sustainable Cities at Hunter College
  Email: afrei@hunter.cuny.edu
Geography Major Advising Email: geogmajor@hunter.cuny.edu
Office: 1005 HN
  Interests: Climate change, snow and water resources, modeling
  Hongmian Gong
  Email: gong@hunter.cuny.edu
Phone: 212-772-4658
Office: 1050 HN
  Interests: Urban geography, GIS, transportation
  Mohamed Ibrahim
Associate Professor
  Email: mibrahim@hunter.cuny.edu
Phone: 212-772-5267
Office: 1048 HN
  Interests: Environmental studies, resource management, sustainable and international development, water supply, sanitation and hygiene education, Africa, cultural climatology, urban geography
  Peter Marcotullio
Professor; Undergraduate Environmental Studies Advisor; and Director, CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities
  Email: peter.marcotullio@hunter.cuny.edu
ES Major Advising Email: esmajor@hunter.cuny.edu
Office: 1003E HN
  Interests: Development and urban environmental change with a regional focus on East and South-east Asia, urbanization and the environment and urban and regional environmental planning
  Ines Miyares
  Email: imiyares@hunter.cuny.edu
Phone: 212-772-5443
Office: 1045 HN
  Interests: Geographies of immigration and ethnicity, geographies of Latinos in the U.S., ethnic identity political ecologies of Hawaii, diversifying geography/geosciences
  Alex A. Moulton
Assistant Professor

Email: am16981@hunter.cuny.edu
Phone: 212-650-3534
Office: 1025A HN

  Interests: The Caribbean, Black geographies, race and ethnicity, political ecology, cultural geography, human dimensions of global environmental change, resilience
  Wenge Ni-Meister
  Email: Wenge.Ni-Meister@hunter.cuny.edu
Phone: 212-772-5321
Office: 1029 HN
  Interests: Remote sensing, land-atmosphere interaction, meteorology, climatology, biogeography
  Marianna Pavlovskaya
Chair and Professor
  Email: mpavlov@hunter.cuny.edu
Phone: 212-772-5320
Office: 1003F HN
  Interests: Urban geography, social theory, diverse economies, multiple economies in post-socialism, Russia, gender and feminist geography, GIS (geographic information systems), critical GIS, work-related mobility, ethical and solidarity economy
  Shruti Philips
Doctoral Lecturer; Rocks and Minerals Coordinator; and MA TEP Earth Science Advisor
  Email: shruti.philips@hunter.cuny.edu
Phone: 212-772-5413
Office: 1041 HN
  Interests: Marine geology, earth-life system, paleoceanography, long-term climate change, large igneous provinces, carbonates and evaporites
  Andrew Reinmann
Assistant Professor
  Email: areinmann@gc.cuny.edu
Phone: 212-772-5323
Office:1039 HN
  Interests: Environmental change, climate change, urbanization, and land cover change
  Randye Rutberg
Assistant Professor
  Email: randye.rutberg@hunter.cuny.edu
Phone: 212-772-5326
Office: 1043 HN
  Interests: Paleoclimatology, oceanography, geochemistry, environmental science, environmental public policy
  Haydee Salmun
Deputy Chair and Associate Professor
  Email: hsalmun@hunter.cuny.edu
Phone: 212-772-5224
Office: 1035 HN
  Interests: Oceanography, global climate, environmental fluid dynamics, land surface-atmosphere-ocean interface
  William Solecki
Professor and Founder Director, Emeritus, CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities
  Email: wsolecki@hunter.cuny.edu
Phone: 212-772-4536
Office: 1003D HN
  Interests: Urban environmental change, resilience, and adaptation transitions
  Shipeng Sun
Assistant Professor and Assistant Director, Center for Advanced Research of Spatial Information (CARSI)
  Email: shipeng.sun@hunter.cuny.edu
Phone: 212-396-6039
Office: 1025B HN
  Interests: GIScience, geovisualization, GIS algorithms, geospatial network analysis, agent-based complexity modeling, and urban and coupled human-environment systems
  Charles Vörösmarty

  Email: cvorosmarty@gmail.com
Phone: 212-772-5450
Office: 1217 HE
  Interests: Modeling of water balance in river systems, impacts of large-scale water engineering