SWG Fellowship


The Society of Woman Geographers, an international organization head quartered in Washington DC and with regional groups throughout the United States, is dedicated to facilitating intellectual exchange among women engaged in geographical work and allied fields. The Hunter Fellowship is a generous grant from the Society of Woman Geographers, New York Group.  For more information about the Society of Woman Geographers and its activities, visit the Society of Woman Geographers web site: http://www.iswg.org.

The Society of Woman Geographers Adelène Moffat Fellowship at Hunter College is a monetary award given annually to an outstanding woman student enrolled in the graduate program in Geography at Hunter College of the City University of New York.  The fellowship provides financial support to assist the student in completing her MA thesis research and to encourage further graduate study in geography.


Hunter Fellowship Recipients:

        1999-2000     Noemi Mendez
  2000-2001   Jennifer Jeffus
  2001-2002   Andrea Copeland
  2002-2003   Jennifer Cox
  2003-2004   Sara Hodges
  2004-2005   Valeria Treves
  2005-2006   Nora Donnelly
  2006-2007   Fernanda Santos
  2007-2008   Erin Araujo & Rhoda Quan
  2008-2009   Patricia Hackbarth
  2009-2010   Mollie Whitacre
  2010-2011   Kate Schlott
  2011-2012   Ana Martiny
  2012-2013   Zhennya Slootskin
  2013-2014   Silvia Lorenzo
  2014-2015   Araby Smyth & Mara Gittleman
  2015-2016   Julia Marrs
  2016-2017   N/A
  2017-2018   Danielle Bartolone & Erika Jimenez Rivera
  2018-2019   Rebecca Kukla
  2019-2020   Mishka Vance
  2020-2021   Jessica Stretton
  2021-2022   Sheena Philogene and Emily Lifs
  2022-2023   Melissa Linares
  2023-2024   Rebecca John and Rosemary McGuinness