Andrew Reinmann


Assistant Professor


Phone: 212-772-5323
Office: 1039 HN


I am an ecologist and biogeochemist who focuses on plant ecophysiology and the terrestrial carbon cycle. I am particularly interested in understanding the effects of environmental change (e.g., climate change, urbanization, and land cover change) on the drivers and plant-mediated controls of terrestrial carbon cycling, and nitrogen dynamics as a limiting nutrient, across a continuum of human-disturbed ecosystems. My research draws from multiple disciplines and combines field observations, ecosystem experiments, and laboratory analyses with GIS, remote sensing, and modeling. I currently have projects in forested and human dominated landscapes throughout the mid-Atlantic and Northeastern U.S. For


Ph.D. 2014 Boston University, Biology
M.S. 2006 University of Maine, Forestry
B.S. 2001 Binghamton University, Environmental Studies

Research Interests:

environmental change, climate change, urbanization, and land cover change