Faculty Research


Dr. Gong
Title: Geography of financial services in New York
Description: Dr. Gong have published several journal articles on the impact of 9/11 on the geography of financial services in New York Tri-state region and continues to study the changes in the location of the financial clusters in New York since 9/11 and the 2008 financial crisis.
Keywords: Financial clusters, location analysis, 9/11, financial crisis

Dr. Gong
Title: Geospatial technologies for travel mode detection in New York City
Description: Dr. Gong has been working on using GPS/smartphone to collect mobility data in New York City since 2007. A prototype has been set up to transmit individual travel data from a smartphone app to the GIS algorithms in an Amazon cloud server to detect travel modes and other mobility information. The results from the GIS analyses could be displayed in a Web GIS and/or returned back to the individuals.
Keywords: Transportation, urban mobility, GIS, smartphone, cloud computing

Dr. Gong and Dr. Kessler
Title: Integrating Real-time GIS and Social Media for Qualitative Transportation Data Collection
Description: In transportation planning, the activity-based model system is considered as the next-generation demand foresting model and requires the input of trip modes and purposes of individuals. In this project, we develop an approach to augment traditional paper, phone, and GPS-based surveys with information from social media to learn about trip purpose. The data is processed in a real-time GIS environment.
Keywords: Transportation analysis, social networks, real-time GIS