Mohamed Babiker Ibrahim


Associate Professor


Phone: 212-772-5267
Office: 1048 HN


Professor Ibrahim’s interests include international development, urban geography, resource management and environmental studies. Within the area of international development his research focuses on drinking water management, the development of governmental policies on pastoral nomads, the effect of globalization on small farmers and pastoral nomads, and urban geography of developing countries. Professor Ibrahim’s interest also includes the new field of investigation into “cultural climatology”. This field investigates the knowledge of weather and climate by resource users in the developing world and how they use their knowledge in agricultural production. He presented the findings of research in this field in several AAG annual meetings and wrote three papers.

Professor Ibrahim teaches People and Their Environment; Geography of Development; specialized courses on African environment and development, and rural water supply, sanitation and hygiene education; and Geography of Sustainable Development in the Developing World at both the graduate undergraduate levels. In addition, he teaches a graduate-level course in Research Topics in Geography.


Ph.D. 1985 University of Alberta, Canada, Geography
M.A. 1983 University of Khartoum, Sudan, Geography
Post-graduate Diploma 1978 University of Khartoum, Sudan,  Physical Environment of the Tropics
Post-graduate Diploma 1975 University of Khartoum, Sudan, Social Work
B.A. 1973 University of Khartoum, Sudan, Geography

Research Interests:

Environmental studies, resource management, sustainable and international development, water supply, sanitation and hygiene education, Africa, cultural climatology, urban geography

Courses Taught:

  • Geography of Sustainable Development in the Developing Countries
  • Rural Water Supply, Sanitation, & Hygiene Education
  • People and Their Environment
  • African Environment & Development
  • Geography of Developmentß

Recent Publications:

Ibrahim, M. B., Zulu, L.C. and Bein, R. 2018. Settlement in Transition: A Transformation of a
Village into a Small Town in Western Sudan.
Urban Forum 29: 85 – 106.

Ibrahim, M. B. 2018. The Unique and Innovative Contribution of Omdurman City to the
National Unity and Nation-Building in Sudan from 1900 to the 1980s.
The Arab World
21(1): 1-19.