Printing in the Department of Geography is managed separately from the College's ICIT computing facilities. Every geography computing account will be assigned a $15 virtual print allowance at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters. Print jobs sent to the mono printers will cost $.05 per page. Print jobs sent to the color printers will cost $.50 per page. Every time you send a job to the printer, a window will notify you of the cost and the amount remaining in your account.


Check Your Print Balance

To check your print balance, click on start -> accessories -> print balance.


Add Money to Your Account

Each $15 GTECH fee paid is eligible to receive an additional $10 worth of printing. For example, a student is taking both GTECH 709 and GTECH 710 would be eligible to receive an additional $20 worth of printing. To request this additional credit, send an email to Amy Jeu ( with your request for a print upgrade and include your name, username and the GTECH course(s) you are currently enrolled in.

Adjuncts are eligible for a print upgrade to $50. To request for this upgrade, send an email to Amy Jeu ( and include your username.

Faculty members receive unlimited printing privileges to the main office printers.

In all other cases, you will need to pay to add money to your account. See Amy Jeu, the College Laboratory Technician in room 1046 HN.


Printing to the Plotter

The Department of Geography owns a large-format HP DesignJet Z6500ps 42"plotter. Students and Faculty of the Department wishing to print to the plotter must contact the CLT, Amy Jeu, for the actual printing. She is reachable via email at; phone 212-772-4019; office 1046 HN. In general, you will need to (1) fill out a Plotter Printing Form, (2) submit the form & file at least 2 days prior to the actual printing, (3) pay the total amount due, and (4) pick-up your printout.

Price Chart:

Size (inches)



18 x 24

Arch C


24 x 36

Arch D


36 x 48

Arch E



* Pricing is for HP Coated Paper. Pricing for other sizes or types of paper is also available upon request. No proofing or copy editing is done to your poster.