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In early October 2006 Allan Frei, Associate Professor in the Department of Geography, replaced the non-functioning weather station originally set up by Prof. Peter Combs in the mid-1990s. Located on the 16th floor roof of the North Building, adjacent to the climate lab, the new Davis Instruments Vantage Pro Plus2 weather station includes instruments that measure wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, precipitation, and both solar and ultraviolet radiation. The station continuously streams data via cable to a computer in the climate lab which is capable of storing vast amounts of information. “Prof. Frei and Debjani Ghatak, a Ph.D. candidate from the CUNY Graduate Center , will maintain the weather station. The weather station and the data it produces will be used primarily for educational purposes by students in geography and environmental studies classes.” Prof. Frei has expressed an interest in installing a webcam on the roof that will allow viewers of the new website to observe real-time sky conditions in New York City. The weather station was funded by the Department of Geography’s Development Fund. We gratefully acknowledge the support of students, alumni, and friends of the department who have generously contributed to the Fund. Dr. Frei also thanks the staff of the Geography Department, including Amy Jeu, Nguyen Ngoc Nguyen, and Dana Reimer for their support in this project.

Professor Frei and the weather station.

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