The Department of Geography and Environmental Science participates in the PhD Program in Earth and Environmental Sciences based at the CUNY Graduate School. Students in this program may select Hunter College as their "home" college and geography as their specialty.

From its inception in 1983, the Doctoral Program in Earth and Environmental Sciences has identified itself with promoting teaching and research in the study of the earth. With faculty in atmospheric sciences, environmental sciences, geography and geology, the Earth and Environmental Sciences Program at CUNY spans a broad array of subjects focusing on the earth, its environments, human activities, and the linkages between them. Students have the unique opportunity to study both the physical and human environments simultaneously, or to focus on specific subjects within the program’s specializations. Since 2005 this program has a separate track in geography.


Geography provides an opportunity to pursue doctoral studies in one of the world’s largest and most dynamic metropolitan locations with a diverse faculty at the Graduate Center and at Hunter and Lehman Colleges within the CUNY system. The program has five core areas: Geographic Information Science; Geography and Social Theory; Physical Geography; Urban and Regional Dynamics; and Geographic Education.

Environmental and Geological Sciences offers research opportunities in a broad spectrum of Earth-focused science, including topics of classical Geology; studies of Earth’s fluid envelopes; and applying combinations of geology, biology, chemistry, and physics to studying Earth’s diverse environments and their ecosystems. The program has four core areas: Atmospheric and Hydrologic Sciences; Terrestrial, Estuarine, and Marine Studies; Earth Materials and Earth Processes; and Urban Environments and Public Health.

For application forms and further information, visit the Ph.D. Program in Earth and Environmental Sciences website or write to:

Executive Officer
Earth and Environmental Sciences Ph.D. Program
CUNY Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue, Room 4306
New York, NY 10016

Telephone: 212-817-8240