Allan Frei


Professor and Deputy Director, CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities


Phone: 212-772-5322
Office: 1005 HN


Allan Frei is a climatologist whose research interests have focused on the potential impact of climate change on hydrology, including snow cover and extreme storms and floods. Recent projects include an investigation of potential impacts of climate change on New York City's water supply in collaboration with the New York City Department of Environmental Protection. Prof. Frei’s main educational interests have been in curriculum development for Environmental Studies and Physical Geography. Prof. Frei currently serves as Chair of the Department of Geography at Hunter College, and as a Deputy Director of the CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities.


Ph.D. 1997 Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, Geography
M.S. 1987 New York University, New York, NY, Applied Science
B.A. 1983 New York University, New York, NY, Computer Science

Research Interests:

Climate variations, snow cover fluctuations, water resources

Teaching Interests:

Weather & Climate, Earth Systems Science

Current Projects:

  • Evaluate potential impacts of climate change on New York City water supply

Publications: selected publications since 2014

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