How do I apply?
The application for the GIS Certificate program can be found at: The only option is non-degree (non-matriculated) status and that deadline is November 1st for Spring semester and April 1 for Fall semester.

Can I transfer course from other Colleges?
The GIS Certificate is a 15 credit professional program offered by Hunter's Department of Geography and Environmental Science. At this time we do not allow the transfer of credits from other institutions to satisfy the 15 credit requirement

How about tuition fees?
All information on tuition and fees can be found at You pay the same tuition and fees as a part-time matriculated (degree) graduate student.

How about the degree audit form?
Download from the Registrar's website.

Who is my adviser?
A list of current advisers can be found here.

How do I overtally for a course?
If you want to overtally into a course that is closed you must contact the course instructor, either by email or in person. Names and email addresses of all faculty members, both full- and part-time, are available on their course syllabi or the Department of Geography and Environmental Science homepage at

Overtally forms can usually be found in a pocket over the bench outside the office of the Department of Geography and Environmental Science, HN1006. Once the form is completed (if you’re relying on a paper form) bring it to the department office for processing. If you email an instructor for permission and they reply to you, please forward that email to for processing. You’ll still have to go into SIMS to register for the course(s).

Some courses and/or instructors will accommodate extra students and others will not, but it is up to the discretion of the instructor. If you have the pre-requisite for a course and the instructor gives you permission to overtally, they either email the adviser or the Assistant to Chair who enters registration permission into SIMS.

The department does NOT overtally GTECH courses that meet in either lab in HN1090B or in any other computer lab at Hunter.

Why don’t you overtally GTECH courses?
Our labs are small and have a limited number of seats. We enroll students equal to the number of seats in the labs to ensure everyone a chair and a work station.  Maximum enrollment is also based on the maximum seating capacity of the lab determined by the NYC Fire Department. Students are not allowed to sit on the floor or bring a chair in from outside the labs. Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis, on your registration appointment, and whether or not you have met course pre-requisites.

I took a course pre-requisite at another college/university but SIMS tells me that I don’t have the pre-requisite when I try to register for an upper-level course. What’s going on?
This is a peculiarity of SIMS, unfortunately. It does not recognize transferred courses when it searches for course pre-requisites. However, if you speak to a departmental adviser or the Assistant to Chair, they can give you permission to override the course pre-requisite IF your Hunter transcript has evidence of the prior coursework.

When should I meet with a departmental adviser about my graduation audit?
It’s probably a very good idea to do a preliminary audit with your adviser in the semester before the semester in which you expect to graduate, ie. fall if you expect to graduate the following spring. This gives you time to take those classes/credits that you’ll need to qualify for graduation. If you wait until the semester in which you expect to graduate to do your final audit you might find that you’re deficient in some area (courses/credits) and it will be too late to add them to your semester course load.

Where do I find detailed course descriptions or course syllabi?
The department posts a detailed course syllabus for every course offered in the weeks before the beginning of each semester. They can be accessed at  And many faculty members also post their course syllabus on their Blackboard sites.

How do I receive my GIS certificate after I graduate?
All diplomas and certificates are issued by the Registrar’s Office. The student should contact the Office of Degree Audit to find out the status of her certificate. Their contact information is