Hunter Geography Alumni Focus


An Interview with Samantha Simpson, BA, Geography, 2018
Edited by Christina Santiago, Hunter College, English major


Samantha Simpson graduated from Hunter College in the Spring of 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in Geography with a focus in Geographical Information Science (GIS). Simpson is currently working as a GIS Specialist at New York City Emergency Management (NYCEM).

Why study geography?
I studied geography first and foremost because it is fun and engaging. Geography has sprinklings of so many different subjects within itself it’s hard not to become interested. Learning how a river's floodplain shapes both the physical geography of a place, as well as the societies living alongside it, can be interesting. With tools such as GIS, you are able to dive even deeper into these subjects; you can run analysis, create and design maps, or develop applications for use through the web. Geography has a lot to offer, especially for the inquisitive, and allows you to dive into any subject and approach problems from many different angles.

What is your current research?
My culminating project at Hunter focused on crime and the natural environment. I was, and still am, curious as to how much our environment shapes us. Can stepping outside and immediately being surrounded by greenery change how we go about our day? Will it stop a person from committing a crime? Will it provide them with an opportunity to commit one?

How has the Hunter Geography and Environmental Science department helped shape you and your future?
Hunter College has a wonderful and well-respected geography department. The GIS coursework covered the ins and outs of spatial analysis, model building, scripting, and development. It also created and encouraged thought through in-depth conversations on the theories and practices that have been and currently are sculpting the geographic field. The faculty are incredibly knowledgeable and well respected, they encouraged participation and I was encouraged to ask questions or for help at any time. Hunter Geography encouraged my interests and provided me with a skillset I’m continuing to develop at my job.

Published: October 22, 2019