Hunter Geography Alumni Focus


An Interview with Christian Delgado, MA, Geography & GIS Certificate
Edited by Christina Santiago, Hunter College, English major


Christian Delgado recently completed the Advanced Certificate Program in GIS and earned a MA in Geography from Hunter College while working as a GIS Analyst for the NYPD.

Why I study Geography and/or Environmental Science?
In my first semester at Hunter College, I took an “Introduction to Geography” course, which instantly became my favorite subject. Understanding the complex details and intricacies that take place on our planet gave me a strong sense of responsibility and the mission to help society with environmental issues we face today. I was specifically drawn to the environmental hazards faced across the planet and how the scientist use GIS amongst other computer software technologies to study each phenomenon. In the midst of the semester tragedy struck Haiti with a 7.0 Magnitude earthquake on the Richter Scale and it was then when I understood what I wanted to do as a career by utilizing Geographical Information Science as a means to have a positive impact on society.

How has Hunter Geography/Environmental Science help shape who you are today/your future?
As a first generation American and first generation college student born from Ecuadorian parents in New York City, I appreciate all the opportunities which have been granted to me through my modest upbringing and the sacrifice by my parents. During my junior year at Middle College high school, I entered an early college program which allowed determined students to work simultaneously on their high school diploma and earn college credits leading to an Associate’s degree. This experience is what propelled me to Hunter College as a transfer student in the Fall 2010 semester and it has been hands down the best decision I made. It has led me to my current career and has given me the tools needed to succeed.

What was being a student in NYC like?
I have lived in New York City my entire life. A Queens county native who attended a small High School which is where I learned what it takes to become a successful student and carried over the work ethic, dedication, and thirst of knowledge. I enjoyed my Hunter College experience a lot, but mostly because it allowed me to meet people from all over the world. Hunter is known for its outstanding academics but also its cultural diversity as the school body attracts an array of people. I value the connections I made with the student body as well as with the faculty. It is an honor to not only be granted education in NYC because of my parents migration to the states but to be a student at Hunter to mold me into a scholar that could thrive anywhere.

What does Geography/Environmental Science mean to you?
For me the knowledge and study of geography/environmental science offers one a unique way of looking at life. It begs us to question everything behind the simplest to the most complex processes. Where does our water come from? Why does the weather change through time? Why do environmental hazards such as earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, tsunamis, and asteroids occur? Looking through the scopes of the creation of our planet through time and space, so, for me the study of geography/environmental science means the study of life itself.

Originally Published: November 18, 2019
Revised: September 30, 2022