Hunter Geography Alumni Focus


Cassiane Bohn Au
BA, Environmental Studies


As a nontraditional student with a background in fashion, I came to Hunter College interested in exploring a variety of environmental issues and opportunities to make a positive impact in the world. Throughout my journey as an Environmental Studies Major, I was able to take a variety of classes learning the science, policy impacts in society, skills in GIS, and getting involved with projects outside the classroom. During my senior year, I co-founded Hunter SEEDS, one of the many nationwide student-lead chapters part of the Ecological Society of America promoting diversity, mentorship, and opportunities for underrepresented students in the field of ecology.

After graduating Magna Cum Laude with a capstone exploring vertical farming modules on campus, I spent my summer as water quality intern at Save the Sound, and volunteered with organizations such as FABSCRAP and the Bronx River Alliance. These experiences were essential to connect the topics learned in class and the ubiquity of water issues impacting human and ecosystems health. This fall, I will be taking a step further by pursuing a Master of Environmental Management at Yale School of the Environment. I intend to study microfiber and textile pollution while setting global standards in manufacturing in the fashion industry.

Published: July 18, 2022