Radar Mapping Techniques and Applications

Paula Messina

New York City, Long Island and Vicinity (as imaged during NASA's SIR-C SL1 Mission, April 1994)

At the top is a visible-light photograph of the area, taken by Shuttle astronauts at 3:00am on April 20, 1994. The bottom image is a radar view of the same area taken at 3:00am on April 16, 1994.

Notice how the radar image shows a great amount of surface detail, despite night acquisition. Note, for example: the relief of the terminal moraine on Long Island's North Shore; the surface waves on the Atlantic Ocean; and the flat network of highways around the City.

o What is radar?

o SLAR (Side-looking airborne radar) Systems Operations

o Real Aperture, versus Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Operations

o Transmission and Return Characteristics of Radar Signals

o "Fancy" Radar Techniques (Interferometry and Multipolarization)

o A Review of Radar Imaging Instruments and Projects

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by Paula Messina
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