REQUIRED TEXT: Introduction to Geography: People, Places & Environment, 6th ed. C. T. Dahlman and W. H. Renwick; Pearson Higher Education, Boston (2014). Available as hardcover, paperback, e-text and rental. ISBN 13: 9780321843333; ISBN 10: 0321843339

ATLAS: Students should have access to a world atlas that includes thematic maps. The most recent editions of Rand McNally Goode’s World Atlas, National Geographic College Atlas of the World, and the Student Atlas of World Geography by Allen and Sutton are possibilities.


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  1. You are responsible for the content of all the lectures, reading assignments and class handouts. The textbook has a glossary of important terms and concepts. Each chapter has a list of key terms.
  2. Attendance is important.  There is a direct correlation between poor attendance and poor grades.
  3. All exams must be taken and required assignments submitted.
  4. Extra credit assignments are optional.
  5. Approval is required prior to beginning any extra credit research project.


I. Introduction: What is Geography?   I. Text: Ch. 1
II. Geographers' Tools   II. Same
***E X A M 1 will cover Topics I and II from Chapter 1 and the power point slides***


III. Weather and Climate: Physical Aspects and Human Impact

  III. Text: Ch. 2

IV. Landforms: Physical Aspects and Human Impact      

  IV. Text: Ch. 3
V. Biosphere and Human Impact    V. Text: Ch. 4
VI. Earth Resources   VI. Text: Ch. 5

***EXAM TWO will cover Topics III- VI, chapters 2, 3, 4, 5 and the power point slides***


VII. Living on the Earth: Population

  VII. Text: Ch. 6

VIII. Cultural Geography

  VIII. Text: Ch. 7 and 8

IX. Economic Geography: Location Analysis and Development  

   IX. Text: Chapter 9 and 12
X. Urban Geography     X. Text: Ch. 10
XI. Political Geography   XI. Text: Ch 11

**EXAM THREE (the Final) will cover Topics VII- XI, Chapters 6-12 and the power point slides**

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