TEXTBOOK: Introduction to Geography: People, Places & Environment, 6th ed. C. T. Dahlman and    W. H. Renwick; Pearson Higher Education, Boston (2014). Available as hardcover, paperback, e-text and rental. ISBN 13: 9780321843333; ISBN 10: 0321843339

I. Introduction: What is Geography?   I. Text: Ch. 1
II. Geographers' Tools   II. Same
***E X A M 1 will cover Topics I and II from Chapter 1 and the power point slides***


III. Introduction to Physical Environment

  III. Text: Ch. 2

IV. Earth-Sun Relationship

  IV. Text: Ch. 2
V. Earth Systems: Oceans   V. Text: Ch. 2
VI. Earth Systems: Weather and Climate   VI. Text: Ch. 2
VII. Earth Systems: Landforms   VII. Text: Ch. 3
VIII. Biosphere and Human Impact   VIII. Text: Ch. 4
IX. Earth Resources   IX. Text: Ch. 5

***EXAM TWO will cover Topics III- IX, chapters 2, 3, 4, 5 and the power point slides***
Memo to Students about Exam II

X. Introduction to Human Geography   X. Text: Ch. 6

XI. Living on the Earth: Population

  XI. Text: Ch. 6

XII. Cultural Geography

  XII. Text: Ch. 7 and 8

XIII. Economic Geography: Location Analysis and Development  

  XIII. Text: Ch. 9 and 12
XIV. Urban Geography     XIV. Text: Ch. 10
XV. Political Geography (not covered in class)   XV. Text: Ch. 11 (read Ch. 11 for exam)

**EXAM THREE (the Final) will cover Topics X- XV, Chapters 6-12 and the power point slides**

Calendar for Spirng 2020 GEOG 10100:

This class meets on Tuesdays and Fridays from 11:10 AM – 12:25 PM in Room 1036HN.
Exam dates and work submission deadlines are subject to change.

Tues. Jan. 28       First class meeting
Tues. Feb. 25  

Tentative date of EXAM I.

Fri. Apr. 03   Tentative date of EXAM II
Tues. Apr. 07   Wednesday schedule at CUNY. We do not meet.
Last day to email me your proposal for an optional special extra project.
Fri. Apr. 10   No class / Spring break.
Tues. Apr. 14   No class / Spring break.
Fri. Apr. 17   This is a regular Friday at CUNY and we meet as usual.
Last day to submit Required Essays without lateness penalty.
Tues. May 12   Last class lecture meeting.
Last day to submit extra credit essays (from chapters 4-12).
Last day to hand in a pre-approved special extra credit project.
(to be confirmed)
May 19   EXAM III Final Exam from 9 AM-11 AM in Room 1036HN.
Note the earlier time. If needed, make appropriate arrangements in advance!
Last day to hand in Required Essays; late penalty applies.
Remember: NO extra credit accepted after May 12.
Do Not Make Travel Plans for the Final Exam Period!

All class material, including study guides and atlas extra credit, are found on the course home page:

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