Extra Credit.

There are several ways to earn extra credit. You may attempt all. Extra credit is not required but may help to increase your final grade.

a) Atlas Exercises. In each section of the course, prior to the exam, there will be a set of atlas exercises for extra credit on topics relevant to the exam coverage. The extra credit exercises are found on the course homepage. Blue Scantron answer sheets will be distributed in class. The exercises are due no later than the due date stated on the exercise cover page. None will be accepted after the answers are distributed. Points will be added to the exam grade for each section according to the following formula:    
                                   100-90% correct          = 8 extra credit points
                                     89-80% correct           = 6 extra credit points
                                     79-70% correct           = 4 extra credit points
                                     69-60% correct           = 2 extra credit points
                                     59-50% correct           = 1 extra credit point  
           49- 0% correct or not submitted         = 0 extra credit points

NOTE: No blue Scantron atlas exercise sheets will be accepted after the turn-in time when the answers are distributed, no matter how valid your reason.

b) Geographic Essays. You have the option to submit for extra credit a maximum of five analytical essays from the “Thinking Geographically” (TG) section at the end of chapters 4-12. Just one discussion point may be selected from each TG box for the chapter selected. 

c) Other Forms of Extra Credit. A discussion paper, research paper or project of your choice may be used if approved in advance by Prof. Grande.

No Extra Credit Essays will be accepted after Dec. 11th.
None will be accepted on the day of the final exam.
Last updated August 24, 2018 .