1. Place of Geography in Academia
2. Relationships among geography, other spatial sciences, and cognate disciplines
3. Fundamentals Themes of Geography
4. History Chart 1: Classical Geography
5. History Chart 2: Modern Geography
6. Geographic Dualisms and Subfields of Geography
7. Geographic Research
8. Geographic Methodologies can be used to study the Present and the Past, and to Plan for the Future
9. Latitude & Longitude
10. Geographic Information Systems
11. Extra Credit for Exam 1
12. Study Guide for Exam I
13. Maps: Europe and Africa
14. Extra Credit Key for Exam 1
15. Exam 1 Answer Key

1. Earth/Sun Relationships
2. Astronomical Theory of Climate Change
3. The Physical Environment
4. Major Terrestrial Biomes
5. Sequence of Vegetation
6. Climate and Vegetation Altering Parent Material to Form Soil
7. Flooding Becomes More Deadly
8. Natural Controls and Cycles
9. Biochemical Cycles
10. Carbon-Oxygen Cycle
11. Fire Cycle
12. Sea-Floor Spreading
13. Geologic Cycle
14. Oceans
15. Ocean Currents
16. Deep Ocean Circulation
17. The Atmosphere - Outline
18. The Atmosphere - Definitions
19. Elements of Weather
20. Heating the Surface
21. Influences on Climate
22. Seasonal Patterns of Temperature and Precipitation
23. Climographs selected to illustrate climate types within each climate group
24. Climate Change
25. Climate and People -- An Overview
26. Koppen Climate Chart
27. Geologic Influences on People Living on the Surface of the Earth
28. Topography
29. Environments of Deposition
30. Landform Characteristics
31. Factors Affecting Coastal Environments and Cross section of Ground Water
32. Maps:
                  North America: Climate
                  America: Physical
                  North America
                  South America
33. Atlas Extra Credit for Exam II
34. Place Name List for Exam II
35. Study Guide for Exam II
36. Extra Credit Key for Exam II

1. Subdisciplines of Geography dealing with Life on Earth
2. Analyzing a Population
3. Geography of Economic Activity
4. Principles of Location Theory and Economic Landscapes
5. Analyzing A Population
6. Dealing with Population Growth and Overpopulation
7. Time - Distance
8. Urban Settlement
9. Shape of the Geographic City
10. Just-in-Time Delivery systems
11. Economic Activity Locational Factors
12. Economic Development
13. Urbanization & Technology
14. Countries Maps:
                  Asia and South Pacific political labeled map
                  Asia and South Pacific political unlabeled map
15. Extra Credit exercise for Exam III
16. Place Name List for Exam III
17. Study Guide for Exam III (Final Exam)
18. Extra Credit Key for Exam III

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