About the Course


This course will introduce you to the field of cultural geography by (1) looking at its major themes, (2) understanding relationships between cultures and environments, (3) looking at the physical processes and human interaction that are instrumental in creating cultural identity, and (4) applying geographic principles and reasoning to cultural scenarios and also, to past and current events.


Course Objectives:

The goals of the course are: (1) to learn about the field of cultural geography and its component parts within five principle themes: region (area), diffusion (spread), ecology (physical environment), interaction (complex relationships) and landscape (human imprint); (2) to explore, navigate through, and use the geographic information available on the Internet to illustrate aspects of origin and spread of “culture” on earth; (3) to learn how to analyze and interpret this information geographically; and (4) to make regional comparisons based on mapped and statistical information that have resulted in unique landscapes throughout the world. For those in the education sequence, in addition to 1-4 above, (5) to gather and use information within the guidelines of the National Geography Standards for presentation at a grade-specific level.



Upon the successful completion of this course, you will be able to: (1) discuss and expound on aspects the field of cultural geography by alluding to the “story behind the occurrence and distribution of cultural phenomena,” (2) navigate the Internet to find geographic information and maps related to the subject at hand, (3) interpret maps and statistics geographically, and (4) make world regional comparisons leading to informed decisions using geographic principles and spatial concepts. For those in the education sequence, in addition to 1-4 above, (5) meld this knowledge with the National Geography Standards for presentation to students at specific grade levels.


Course Home Page:

Assignments and handouts are distributed via the course home page on the Geography Department web site http://www.geo.hunter.cuny.edu/courses/cwpages.html and in class, NOT on BlackBoard.


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  • Semester: Fall 2017
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