Research Topics in Geography

GEOG 702
Mohamed Ibrahim



Sean Ahearn
Identifying West Nile Virus Risk Areas: The Dynamic Continuous-Area Space-Time System
TIGMOD: an individual-based spatially explicit model for stimulating tiger/human interaction in multiple use forests
Jochen Albrecht
A New Age for Geosimulation
Application Planning. Chapter 7 in Haklay M, Towards Usable Geotechnologies – a primer.
Geo-Ontology Tools the missing link
GIS as a Communication Process: Experience from the Milwaukee COMPASS Project
Modeling with the Semantic Web in the Geosciences
Frank Buonaiuto
Coastal Bluff Recession and Impacts of Littoral Transport: Special Reference to Montauk, NY
Allan Frei
A New Generation of Satellite Snow Observations for Large Scale Earth System Studies
Hongmian Gong
The Impact of 9/11 on the Geography of Financial Services in New York: A Few Years Later
Mohamed Ibrahim
Problems of Flood Irrigated Agriculture in the Sudan: The Case of Khor Abu Habl Scheme
Development without intervention: A successful self-reliance initiative of rural development and urban growth in the Sudan
Evolution and changes in the morphologies of Sudanese cities
Rainwater Harvesting for Urban Areas: a Success Story from Gadarif City in Central Sudan
Peter J. Marcotullio
Urban water-related environmental transitions in Southeast Asia
Ines Miyares
(Re)producing Salvadoran Transnational Geographies
The Interrupted Circle: Truncated Transnationalism and the Salvadoran Experience
Wenge Ni-Meister
Transmission of solar radiation in boreal conifer forests: Measurements and models
Modeling Lidar Waveforms in Heterogeneous and Discrete Canopies
Soil moisture initialization for climate prediction: Characterization of model and observation errors
Andrew Reinmann
Assessing the global warming potential of human settlement expansion in a mesic temperate landscape from 2005 to 2050
Edge effects enhance carbon uptake and its vulnerability to climate change in temperate broadleaf forests
Reduced Winter Snowpack and Greater Soil Frost Reduce Live Root Biomass and Stimulate Radial Growth and Stem Respiration of Red Maple (Acer rubrum) Trees in a Mixed-Hardwood Forest
Soil respiration contributes substantially to urban carbon fluxes in the greater Boston area
Randye Rutberg
Sr isotope evidence for sources of terrigenous sediment in the southeast Atlantic Ocean: Is there increased available Fe for enhanced glacial productivity?
Reduced North Atlantic Deep Water flux to the glacial Southern Ocean inferred from neodymium isotope ratios
Haydee Salmun
Modeling the physics of storm surges
Progress in Modeling the Impact of Land Use Change on the Global Climate
Statistical Prediction of Storm Surge in the New York Metropolitan Area
Shipeng Sun
Intraurban migration, neighborhoods, and city structure
William Solecki
Mitigation of the heat island effect in urban New Jersey


Current as of August 31, 2018