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Geography Related Journals and other resources on the Web

List of Geography journals at Hunter library

Geography Journals at Hunter College Library

Geography related journals at Hunter College Library

electronic Databases

Fun geography

Electronic Journals

Virtual geography department

Hardcopy journals


hardcopy ABSTRACTS


GEOGRAPHY related JOURNALS and other resources ON THE WEB

Academic Journals



Selected academic journals:

Usually, only table of contents and abstracts are available via unsubscribed web access. It is very useful anyway.


Link to a whole group of journals is here The Blackwell Publishers List of Geography Resources (Journals)

Table of contents and abstracts are usually available from the publishers' website. Full text articles (usually except for most recent 12 months) may be available through Hunter and CUNY on-line databases.


Internet location for table of contents

What is available for download

Antipode (Journal of radical geography)

Abstracts, Full text through CUNY

Gender, Place and Culture: Journal of Feminist Geography

Abstracts, Full text through CUNY (6 mo delay)

Urban Geography

Contents only, Hunter Library has a paper edition

ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies since 2002

Full text v1 (2002) and v2 (2003)

Environment and Planning A

Abstracts, Hunter Library has a paper edition

Environment and Planning D: Society and Space

Abstracts, Graduate Center has a paper edition

International journal of Geographical Information Science

Abstracts, Full text through CUNY (12 mo delay)


Full text through CUNY (6 mo delay)

Cartography and Geographical Information Science

Abstracts, Hunter Library has a paper edition

Social and cultural geography

Contents, abstracts, full text from 09/01/2000 to 1 year ago in  Hunter’s  Academic Search Premier


Geography and gender

Maintained by Ellen Hansen, Department of Social Sciences, Emporia State University




You can access geography articles through Hunter's electronic databases, electronic journals, and in library regular (hardcopy) collections. For the up to date list of library on-line journals go to Hunter College Libraries (

electronic Databases

From the left side menu, select Databases to search articles in electronic databases. For human geography, include into your search such databases as Academic Search Premier, Business Source Premier, Geobase, Econlist, JSTOR, ERIC, etc. You can also include specialized databases to conduct in-depth search in a particular area of interest. In this case, you can search by author, title, keywords, etc. in the journals included in the databases.


GeoBase, a searchable citation database, combines Human Geography Abstracts, Physical Geography Abstracts, Geomechanics Abstracts, Ecological Abstracts, International Development Abstracts, and Geological Abstracts. Full text might be available if the library is subscribed to a particular journal (see below).

Electronic Journals

To access directly the electronic journals to which the library is subscribed, click on Electronic Journals in the left side menu of the Hunter College Libraries page. This will open an alphabetical list of all electronic journals. The drawback of most these subscriptions (it has to do with price that the library pays) is that the most recent issues (going back one year) are not available electronically). This means that the most up to date articles are available only in hard copy journals.

Hardcopy journals

Many journals are still received in hard copy. You can find out whether the library holds a particular journal with an indication of the subscription format (electronic or paper) by going to CUNY+ and clicking a table Journal Title search. 

hardcopy ABSTRACTS

In print, Hunter Library receives subscriptions to Sage Urban Studies Abstracts, Human Geography Abstracts and Physical Geography Abstracts

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List of Geography journals at Hunter library

Here is a list (incomplete) of geography journals at CUNY and Hunter.

Links are to journal contents on the web. If Hunter library is subscribed to this journal, you might see the full text on the web through our library webpage (see above).

  • Annals of the Association of American Geographers (online via InfoTrac)
  • Cartographic Journal (print)
  • Cartography and Geographic Information Science (print)
  • Earth Surface Processes and Landforms (print)
  • Economic Geography (print)
  • Environment & planning A
  • Geographical Analysis (print)
  • The Geographical Journal (print and online via InfoTrac)
  • Geographical Review (print and online via InfoTrac)
  • IEEE Transactions: Geoscience and Remote Sensing (print)
  • International Journal of Remote Sensing (print)
  • International Journal of Geographical Information Science
  • ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetric and Remote Sensing (print)
  • Journal of Geography (print)
  • Political Geography
  • The Post-Soviet Economics and Geography
  • Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing (print)
  • Professional Geographer  (print and online via InfoTrac)
  • Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers (print)
  • Urban Geography

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American Journal of Science (print)
Geological Society of America Bulletin (print)
Geology (print)
Geoscience Information Society Proceedings (print)
Geotimes (print)
Journal of Geology (online via InfoTrac)


Journal of Paleontology (print)
Paleontology (print)

Weather & Climate

Weatherwise (print)

Ecology & Eco-systems

Ecological Monographs (online via InfoTrac)
The Ecologist (online via InfoTrac)
Ecology (online via InfoTrac)
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology (online via InfoTrac)
Journal of Marine Research (print)
Limnology/Oceanography (print)
Marine Pollution Bulletin (print)
Sea Frontiers (print)


Energy and Fuels (online via American Chemical Society)
Energy User News (online via InfoTrac)
Journal of Energy and Development (print)


Environmental Science and Technology (online via American Chemical Society)


Evolution (online via InfoTrac)

Multi-science Journals

American Scientist (print)
Proceedings National Academy of Sciences (print and online directly from NAS)
Nature (print)
Science (print and online via InfoTrac)
The Sciences (print and online via InfoTrac)
Scientific American (print)

Applied & Popular Journals

Discover (print and online via InfoTrac)
Natural History (print and online via InfoTrac)
New Scientist (print)
New York State Conservationist (print and online via InfoTrac)
Science News (print and online via InfoTrac)
Sierra (print)
Sky and Telescope (print and online via InfoTrac)

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Confluence project
The goal of the project is to visit each of the latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world, and to take pictures at each location. The pictures and stories will then be posted here.

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