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GIScience Courses At Hunter College, City University of New York

Course Average Enrollment Frequency Taught
Introduction to Mapping & Geographic Information Sciences                 35 Twice a year
Geographic Information Science I 20 Once a year
Geographic Information Science II 20  Once a year
Production Cartography - Offered on demand
Analytic & Computer Cartography 20 Once a year
Air Photo Interpretation -  Offered on demand
Introductory Remote Sensing 20  Once a year
Advanced Image Interpretation  - Offered on demand 
Advanced Remote Sensing 15 Every other year
Introductory Spatial Statistics 15 Once a year
Advanced Spatial Statistics 25 Once a year
Seminar on Spatial Modeling  10  Every other year
Spatial Data Analysis  20  Once a year
Digital Image Processing  20  Once a year
Advanced Cartography  - Offered on demad 
Computer Programming for Geographic Applications 10  Once a year 
GIS: Modeling and Problem Solving 15  Once a year 
Books Approximately 100 GIScience books.
Journals 16 Journals including:
-Ann. of the Ass. of Amer. Geographers
-Cartography and Geog. Info. Sci.
-Environment and Planning A
-IEEE Transactions: Geoscience and Remote Sensing
-J. of Photogrammetric. and Rem. Sens.
-Urban Geography
Maps Over 10,000 paper maps.
Aerial Photographs Over 500 aerial photographs.
Digital Spatial Data Arc/Info coverages and ArcView shape files for New York City and for each borough, Satellite Images from SPOT and Landsat for selected regions.

Department of Geography 

Hunter College, City University of New York 

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