Hurricane Sandy



Sandys Impacts

  • Death tolls: U. S. 72, Haiti 54, Cuba 11,
    Dominican Republic 3, Bahamas 2,
    Maritime 2, Canada, Jamaica, Puerto Rico 1


  • Hurricane conditions in eastern Jamaica,
    eastern Cuba, Bahamas, and small area of
    eastern NY


  • Tropical storm/gale conditions over the U. S.
    Mid-Atlantic and New England States


  • Gale-force winds gusts as far west as the
    western Great Lakes


  • Major to record storm surge with extensive
    damage along large portions of the New
    Jersey, Ney York, Connecticut, Rhode Island,
    and Massachusetts coasts


  • Widespread heavy rains along the track, with
    heavy snow in the Appalachian Mountains


  • $50 billion property damage in the U.S.