Writing Sample Assignment
To assess the quality of your writing complete the following assignment and submit to me via email by 4:00pm on Tuesday, August 30th. Your file name must be Lastname.Firstname.writing.assignment. The file must be in MS Word.

For example, if I were submitting the assignment the file name will be: Walter.Thomas.writing.assignment.docx


Read the following article and answer the following questions. Your response should be 700-1000 words using Times Roman 12 point font. Here's a example you should use... (click here)

Are GMO crops safe? Focus on the plant, not the process, scientists say. (web link - PDF)

  • Is there evidence to suggest that genetically engineered crops are safe or unsafe for human consumption?
  • ETC spokesman Jim Thomas noted, "the general public already is highly suspicious of genetically engineered food." Is there information in the article that indicates that the public's concerns may be valid?
  • According to the article, what are the benefits of GE crops? What are the negative affects?
  • Where do you stand? What's your opinion of the production of GE crops? Use information from the article to support your position.