Scientific Method Assignment

Read this article on the scientific method ( and using the scientific method develop a question and hypothesis and then develop an experiment to test your hypothesis. Your experiment should be simple, one that could be done at home. Discuss how you will analyze the experimental data you generate. Your discussion should include information about the following:
  • Hypothesis
  • Independent and dependent variables
  • Description of control and experimental group
  • Is the data generated quantitative or qualitative?
  • What methods might you use to analyze the data?
  • Your write-up must be posted to the forum by 4:00pm, Tuesday, September 20th. Your write-up must be a Microsoft Word file uploaded to the forum and emailed to me. The file name must be:

    For example, if I was submitting my assignment, my file name would be: Walter.Tom.scientific.method.docx

    Scientific Method Critiques

    Look at your assigned student scientific method assignment submissions and referring to the items below, critique whether each item was clear and do they properly relate to each other. If you see any problems, suggest changes that would improve the assignment. In addition to your write-up you must evaluate two of your classmates scientific method assignments. Your evaluation criteria should include:
  • Did the student include the information required in the assignment?
  • Is there another way to design the experiment to better test the hypothesis?

Your peer review assignment must be posted to BlackBoard by 9:00pm on Thursday, September 27th.