Oral Presentation Rules and Guidelines
Your Informative Literature Review Paper & Presentation are worth a total of 35% of your final grade. The Review Paper is worth 25% and the presentation is worth 10% of your final grade.

Your presentation should be between 7 and 8 minutes long. You will lose points if it is shorter than 7 minutes and you will lose points if your presentation isn't finished in 8 minutes. A small sign will be held up when there are 2 minutes left and again at 1 minute. At the 8 minute mark you will have to stop. There will be 2 minutes for questions.

I know this is a tight schedule but we have limited time available to us. You will all evaluate (anonymously) each presentation using this Oral Presentation Rubric (click here).

You're all required to use PowerPoint for your presentations. Your presentation PowerPoint file must be emailed to me no later than 3:00pm on Monday, December 19th, the day before the presentations. Your file name will be in the form:

Lastname.Firstname.presentation.ppt(x) (the extension depends on the version of PowerPoint you are using)

Here is a PowerPoint of suggestions for preparing the content, structure, and style of oral presentations (click here). This was written for a slightly different audience than our course but most info applies.