Conventional Energy Alternatives













Nuclear Power, Bioenergy & Hydropower account for about 16% of US energy consumption




Nuclear Power





New Renewable Energy Alternatives




"New" renewable energy resources


New renewables provide little of our energy



The new renewables are growing fast

Since 2008, we added more energy from
renewables than from fossil fuels and
nuclear power


Use has expanded quickly because of:

Growing concerns over diminishing fossil fuel supplies
Environmental and health impacts of burning fossil fuels
Advances in technology make it easier and cheaper
Benefits of the new renewables include:
-Alleviating air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions
-They are inexhaustible, unlike fossil fuels
-They help diversify a country’s energy economy
-They create jobs, income, and taxes, especially in rural areas



New energy sources create jobs


Green-collar jobs = design, installation,
maintenance and management of
renewable energy technologies


Policy can accelerate our transition



Solar Energy

Wind Energy

Geothermal Energy

Tidal Power


Energy Efficiency & Conservation