Solar Energy


Germany goes solar




May 13, 2014: Germany Sets New Record,
Generating 74 Percent Of Power Needs
From Renewable Energy




Active solar heats air and water



Concentrating solar rays magnifies energy

Focusing solar energy on a single point
magnifies its strength



CSP techniques


The PS10 Solar Power Plant, is the world's first
commercial concentrating solar power tower operating
near Seville, in Andalusia, Spain.



Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) facilities on just 100 mi2
in Nevada could generate enough electricity for the entire
US economy



Photovoltaic cells generate electricity


A typical photovoltaic cell


Variations on PV technology

•Thin-film solar cells = PV materials are compressed into thin sheets
-Less efficient but cheaper
-Can be incorporated into roofing shingles, roads, etc.
•Net metering = the value of the power the consumer provides is subtracted from the monthly utility bill
-Producers of PV electricity can sell their power to a utility
•Feed-in tariffs pay producers more than the market price of power, so power producers turn a profit


Tesla Solar Roof


Solar power is fast growing


Solar energy will continue to grow






Solar energy offers many benefits

A 5-kilowatt PV system in a home in Fort Worth, Texas would provide half its power needs, save $680/year and prevent 5 tons of CO2 emissions/year




Cost is a drawback