A country with a population of 2 million and with 40,000 births per year has a crude birth rate of 20 per 1000.

              40,000/2,000,000 = 20 per 1000

The crude birth rate of a country is strongly influenced by;

National crude birth rates vary widely today (world map):

China's Way

In 1965 Chairman Mao stated an ever larger population was "a good thing," when China's CBR was 37 per 1000 and its population was 540 million.

In 1976 population reached 852 million although the CBR declined to 25.

During the 1970s, when it became evident that population growth was consuming more than half the annual increase in the country's gross domestic product, China introduced a well-publicized campaign advocating the "two child family" and provided services such as abortions supporting the program. CBR dropped to 19.5 by the late 1970s.

"One couple, one child" became the slogan in 1979 backed by both incentives and penalties.

Single child families received:

Penalties included:

Resulted in:

Newly prosperous urbanites have voluntarily reduced their fertility to well below replacement levels. Childless couples are increasingly common.

Population controls have been so successful that by 2001 government officials became concerned with population decrease.

Projections suggest that because of falling fertility rates, China's population numbers will starting falling by 2042.

Results in:

Research suggests that fertility falls because women want smaller families, not because they have unmet needs for contraceptive advice and devices.