Unclassified Image, Class Coordinates

Open in a viewer the following image: S:scratch/maine00/mdi/091089/091089.iso.20class.img

We will be concentrating our attention on the eastern half of Mt. Desert Island from Somes Sound eastward. We are interested in selecting 5 examples of each of the 20 classes for field checking. Each pixel is 30 meters on a side. We need 5 examples of, at least, four pixels of the same class.

The best way to field check pixels is to go to an area of interest and check as many different classes as possible, then move to the next area. Therefore, I've broken the island into 11 areas of interest. One to two people will be assigned to each area and you'll choose several examples of each class to visit.

We need the UTM coordinates of the center of each group. Using a text editor enter the color of each class and the UTM coordinates as well as whether the sample came from a 4-pixel group or larger.

To get the UTM coordinates, open the image above in a viewer and move the cursor around. Note the UTM coordinates in the lower-left corner of the viewer window. You can zoom the image to get better control.

Areas of Interest

Eastern MDI:
The Beehive
The Whitecap
Cadillac Mt. South Ridge Trail
Bubble Pond Area
Pemetic Mt.
Blackwoods Campground
Norumbega Mt. (western slope)

Western MDI:
Beech Mt.
Seal Cove-Bald Mt.
Seawall Campground