Department of Geography

Summer 2014 Field Course

GTECH 351/751
Field Techniques in Geography

Acadia National Park
Mt. Desert Island, Maine

Saturday May 24th to Saturday May 31st

Information Meeting Wednesday March 5th at 1:00pm and 5:30pm in room 1004N
Contact Tom Walter if you can't attend the meeting.

There will be one 3-hour meeting in late April/early May to prepare for the trip and a wrap-up meeting after we return.

Summer course registration begins March 11th and ends April 16th. There will be no late registration.

Registration begins March 11, 2014.
A deposit of $600 and individual data form is required
before permission to registered can be granted.
Read the detailed syllabus (below) for more information.


 Preference will be given to undergraduate geography and environmental studies majors and minors. Masterís students in geography will be considered. GIS Certificate students can use this course towards their degree requirements. PhD students can not use this course towards their degree requirements.

Detailed Syllabus and Information

Ground-Truth Data

Course Final Write Up Guidelines

Point-Centered Quarter Sampling

Remote Sensing

Earth Coordinates Systems ****New: 7/14/14****
Unsupervised Classification Map with Legend

CUNY Waiver Form

GPS & Maps

Individual Data Form

Maine Course Overview ppt

Geology of Acadia NP

Required Reading

Cadillac Mt.

South Trail, Cadillac Mt.

Catherine with a "C"

Mariya, Gil, Reva &
"Too Cool" Dani

Kirin & Eric

Lila & Dom




Gil & Mariya

Cliff Demonstrating Various Angles of Repose


Leave Me Alone!

Lila Contacting the Mother Ship

Scat-Man Dom

Jasper Beach

On Top of Lubek Bay Bog

Our Home



Lila & Tom

Give Me Serenity!

Playing in the Clay

Lubek Bay Peat Bog

Lunch On The Trail
Check out Cliff...

Mariya & Gil


Kathryn with a "K" skipping rocks!

Tom at Delorme Mapping