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Anna @ Bubble Pond Anna Contacting the Mother Ship Bubble Pond Glacial Valley
Party Prep Cari Cari & Glenn
Looking at Peregrine Falcon Water & Evergreens The Devil Made Me Do It!...
Geddys1 Geddys2 Cliff Dwellers
Bubble Pond Group Bubble Pond Hiking Our "Dining Room"
Lone Joel Men More Men
Shastine Our Accomodations
Echo Beach Lunch
Dom Sleeping Taking Readings
George Sleeping Acadia Mt. Summit Group
The Finer Points of Camping Natalia Relaxing Mysterious Maura
Cari Sleeping Marco Contemplating Soccer
Who's Feet?


Anna Contacting the Mother Ship

Kristi and Anna

Entertaining the Troops

Beaver Dam

Beaver Hut

Watcha Doin' Ben?????

Beehive - Getting Ready to Hike

Ben Smilin'

Eydie & Tom at Beehive Base

Anna & Tom

The Beehive from Sand Beach

I've Had It!!!!!

Beehive - Resting on Top
Artsy Sand Beach Photo

Seen Any Dikes????

The Porcupines

Sand Beach Dunes

Hey Guys... Here's a Dike....

Damn Hell Raisin' Porcupines!!!!!

I Thought I Saw a Dike......

Porcupine Posse

Data Gathering

Taking Readings....

Tom Teaching Map Reading
South Cadillac Mt. Trail Pond
Cadillac Mt. Summit Group
Can You Find the Gene Simmons Lookalike?