See September 3rd Schedule Change
Aug 27 F   Lecture: Intro to the Course  
  31 Tu   Lecture: Types of Maps, The Earth and Earth Coordinates, Map Scale, Map Projections, Earth Coordinates & Grid Coordinate Systems  
Sep 3 F   Class cancelled - Rescheduled for 9/14  
  7 Tu   Lab: Google Maps  
  10 F No Classes    
  14 Tu Friday Schedule Lecture: Map Projections, Earth Coordinates & Grid Coordinate Systems First abstract due and presentation by 3-6 students randomly selected. Be prepared.
  17 F No Classes    
  21 Tu   Lab: Intro to ArcGIS & Projections  
  24 F   Lecture: Intro to Cartography, Map Symbolization  
  28 Tu   Lab: Map Reading  
Oct 1 F   Lecture: GPS and Geocaching  
  5 Tu   Lab: GPS & Geocaching  
  8 F   Lecture: Data Classification, Chloropleth Maps, Dot Density Maps  
  12 Tu   Lab: Thematic Maps  
  15 F   Lecture: GIS  
  19 Tu   Lab: Geo-referencing  
  22 F


Lecture: GIS /Data Input Methods Second Abstract Due & Presentations
  26 Tu   Midterm Exam  
  29 F   Lecture: Census and Secondary Data  
Nov 2 Tu   Lab: Census Data Term paper proposal due
  5 F   Lecture: Remote Sensing  
  9 Tu   Lab: ENVI Lab 1  
  12 F   Lecture: Remote Sensing  
  16 Tu   Lab: ENVI Lab 2  
  19 F   Lecture: Descriptive Statistics  
  23 Tu   Lab: Statistics  
  26 F   No Class  
  30 Tu   TBA  
Dec 3 F   Guest Lecture & Class Presentations  
  7 Tu   Class Term Paper Presentations  
  10 F   Class Term Paper Presentations  
  12 Su     Term papers Due @ 5:30PM via email