Black Rock Forest Field Trip - February 6&7, 2010
Matthew Digging Ice Trench
About 12 Inches of Ice
20°F - 30MPH Winds - Wind Chill of +1°F
Jenni, Anna, Natalia (really!)
Vanessa, Stephanie, Michael
Vanessa, Lisa, Lilla, Tracy, Stephanie, Mike, Naz, Allan, Olena
Learning to Use a Compass (in the cold!!!)
Tracy & Stephanie
Chelsea, Natalia, Kirsten, Jenni, Kristin & Mike
TechnoGeeks: Stephanie & Jenni
Traci Lecturing
Class in Session
BRF Labs & Classrooms
The Ladies
Tom & Kristin
Contemplating Nature
BRF Lab Building - South Side
Walkway Solar Panels
Allan & Deborah Describing Nature
Mailley's Mill Bridge