Fossils of the Wenonah Formation

A selection of fossils from the upper Wenonah Formation.

A - D. sharks teeth (an excellent guide to identifying sharks teeth is: Bretton W. Kent, (1994), Fossil Sharks of the Chesapeake Bay Region. Columbia, MD: Egan Rees & Boyer, Inc., 146 p.); E. sawfish teeth; F. large fish scales; G. vertebrae, probably shark; H. molds of pelecypods (Cardium wenonah) and gastropods (Lunatia halli; I. Coral. (An exceptional publication of fossil descriptions with plates is: Horace G. Richards, etal., The Cretaceous Fossils of New Jersey, Part 1 (1958) and Part 2 (1962); Trenton, NJ: Department of Conservation and Economic Development.)

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