Phil Stoffer


Ph.D. Earth & Environmental Science, CUNY Graduate School, NY, NY: 1992-. Dissertation: Stratigraphy of the Upper Pierre Shale and Fox Hills Formation (Campanian and Maastrichtian; Late Cretaceous), the Badlands National Park Region, South Dakota: Implications for Eustatic Changes in Sea Level, Tectonism, and Marine Paleoecology of the Western Interior Seaway. Supported by three CUNY-PSC grants ($4,800, $5,700, $5,900) and an AMNH Lerner/Gray Grant ($1,275). Course work and research concentrations in Remote Sensing, GIS, and Coastal Research, Regional Geology, and Paleontology. Defense date: 2/4/98. Graduation date: Spring, 1998.

Master of Philosophy, Earth & Environmental Sciences, 1996. City University of New York.

A.B.D., Columbia University, School of Library Service, program deceased, 1991.

Master of Philosophy, Earth & Environmental Science, CUNY Graduate School, NY, NY: 1996.

Master of Arts in Librarianship and Information Management, 1984. University of Denver, Denver, Colorado.

Master of Science, Geology, 1983. Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.

Bachelor of Arts, Geology, 1979. Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.


Head Librarian: Lafayette High School, Brooklyn, NY: 1990-.

Adjunct Instuctor: Department of Geology, Brooklyn College: 1996-.

Adjunct Science Librarian (evenings): Brooklyn College:1991-1995.

Head Science Librarian: Pirtle Geological Sciences Library, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky: 1987-1989.

Science Librarian: Brill Science Library, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio: 1986-1987.

Geological Information Specialist: Amoco Production Company, Research Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma: 1984-1986.

Marathon Oil Company, Littleton, Colorado: Winter, 1984 - college internship (a study of the geology the Illinois Basin).

Anaconda Minerals Company, Denver, Colorado: Fall, 1983 - college internship (study of banded-iron formations and gold).

Colorado Coal Group (coal mining and mine hydrology mapping in Texas and Colorado, 1982).

Kerr & Assoc. (oil & gas exploration mapping in Montana and North Dakota, 1980).


"Geology of National Parks" Brooklyn College, Department of Geology, Fall, 1997, 3 graduate credits.

"Introduction to Geology" - Brooklyn College, Department of Geology, Spring 1996-, 3 credits.

"Information in Science and Technology" - College of Library and Information Science, University of Kentucky. Fall and spring semesters, 1988-1989, 3 graduate credits.

"Field Geology for Teachers" - Miami University Geology Field Station, Department of Geology, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Summers of 1986-1988, 3 graduate credits.

"On-line Scientific Literature Workshop" - Brill Science Library, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 1 graduate credit. Ohio State Education Start-Up Grant funded: $50,000, 1 graduate credit.

Graduate Student Team Project Advisor: The Physical Environment of Butler County, Ohio." Institute of Environmental Science, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 1 graduate credit.


P. Stoffer, P. Messina, D. Terry, & J.A. Chamberlain, Jr., 1997. Geology of the Sage Creek Wilderness Area, Badlands National Park, South Dakota. U.S. Geological Survey, EDMAP Grant (funded: $5,992). Research involves detailed field mapping (summer, 1997), and Sr/C/O isotope analyses of mollusk shell for geochronology and seaway paleoenvironmental conditions. On-going research is being conducted with the permission of the National Park Service, Badlands National Park.

J. A. Chamberlain, Jr. & P. Stoffer, 1997. Comparison of Strontium, Carbon, and Oxygen Isotopic Values for Belemnites from Maastrichtian (Late Cretaceous) Sediments From the Atlantic Coastal Plain and the US Western Interior. CUNY-PSC Grant pending. This research is an extension of my dissertation research. It is intended to help establish a framework for high resolution stratigraphic correlation between the two regions.

P. Stoffer & P. Messina. (in preparation). Geology of the New York Bight. Under contract with GEOBOOKS, Inc. to develop a natural history field guide to parklands in the New York City area; anticipated completion, Fall, 1999. This project will incorporate materials in our website (below).

P. Stoffer and P. Messina. Geology and Geography of New York Bight Beaches, (Website, 128 p., URL /bight/index.html). This website consists of 160 pages of text, graphics, and images describing the materials and organisms found on area beaches. It includes a general geologic history of the New York region, and contains image libraries of Indian artifacts, shells, seashore creatures, fossils, and features associated with area beaches. It consists of 35 linked web pages. Research for this website was conducted with permission of Gateway National Recreation Area, NY & NJ.

P. Stoffer and P. Messina, Buried slumps in the Pierre Shale and Fox Hills Formations (Maastrichtian, Late Cretaceous) in Badlands National Park, SD. GSA Abstract, 1997 Annual Meeting.

P. Messina and P. Stoffer, Terrain analysis of the Racetrack Playa Valley, Death Valley National Park, CA. GSA Abstract, 1997 Annual Meeting.

P. Stoffer and J.A. Chamberlain, Jr., Unconformities in the upper Pierre Shale/Fox Hills Interval (Campanian and Maastrichtian - Late Cretaceous) in Badlands National Park area: Implications for Tectonism and Eustacy in the Western Interior Seaway. GSA Abstract, 1996 Annual Meeting.

P. Messina, P. Stoffer and K.C. Clarke, Sliding Rock Phenomena on Playas of Death Valley, California as a Record of Aeolian Processes: Implications for Topographic Wind Forcing. GSA Abstract, 1996 Annual Meeting.

P. Stoffer, P. Messina and J.A. Chamberlain, Jr., Fossils from Beaches in Gateway National Recreation Area: Implications for the Geologic History of the New York Bight. GSA Abstract, 1996 Annual Meeting.

P. Stoffer and J.A. Chamberlain, Jr. The upper Pierre Shale/lower Fox Hills interval (Late Cretaceous; Latest Campanian/Early Maastrichtian) in Badlands National Park Area compared with the type-areas of central South Dakota and Eastern Wyoming. GSA, Abstracts with Programs 28(4), 1996, (Rapid City, SD).

P. Stoffer and J.A. Chamberlain, Jr. Fossiliferous concretion-bearing horizons in the upper unnamed member of the Pierre Shale (Maastrichtian, Upper Cretaceous) in Wyoming and South Dakota: Implications for paleoecology and sequence stratigraphy. GSA, Abstracts with Programs 27, 1995, (Bozeman, MT).

P. Stoffer and J.A. Chamberlain, Jr. Significance of trace fossils to the formation of concretions: a comparison of Late Cretaceous marine formations of New Jersey and the Western Interior of North America. GSA, Abstracts with Programs 27(1), 1995, p. 83.

P. Stoffer and P. Messina, Paleontology and Paleoecology of the New York Bight: Presentation for the Delaware Valley Paleontological Society, Pennsylvania Academy of Sciences, Philadelphia, Feb. 1998.

P. Stoffer, Geology and Paleontology of Beaches of the New York Bight. Field Trip Leader for the New York Paleontological Society (April, 1997).

P. Stoffer, Geology and Paleontology of the Colorado Plateau. Presentation for the New York Paleontological Society, American Museum of Natural History, March, 1996.


P. Messina, P. Stoffer, and K. Clarke, From the X-Y Files: Mapping Death Valley's Wandering Rocks: GPS World, April, 1997, (v. 8, no. 4), p. 34-44.

P. Stoffer and P. Messina, Bibliography and index to the geology, natural resources, and physical environment of Kentucky. University of Kentucky/Kentucky Geological Survey: 1990; an exhaustive on-line index to information published about the physical environment of Kentucky.

P. Stoffer and R. Spohn, 1988, Information explosion challenges geologists. Geotimes, April, 1988, p. 11-12.

P. Stoffer, Where and why to search on-line for geological literature. Geobyte, Summer, 1986, p. 24-27.

P. Stoffer, Bibliography and index to the geology of the Wind River Basin and adjacent uplifts in the vicinity of Fremont County, Wyoming. Geological Survey of Wyoming, Open-file Report 85-10, 1985, 82 p.

P. Stoffer, The geology of the northwestern half of Whiskey Mountain, Fremont County, Wyoming." Master's thesis, Miami University, 1983.


In my current position I maintain 14 networked microcomputers for use with a library catalog, CD-ROM databases, and Internet access. In the past two years I automated the school library, weeded the collection, and hosted numerous college and school-related programs while securely maintaining a heavily used high school library in an urban, multicultural environment.

My experiences in collection development include book ordering in geology, chemistry, and maps (Amoco, Miami Univ. and Univ. Kentucky), and geology, biology, and health sciences at Brooklyn College; ordering in the high school focused on general information sources, social issues, and health sciences. I have supervised 1-2 library employees and numerous student helpers in my last three jobs. I have been curator of map collections (over 100,000 maps) at Amoco and University of Kentucky.

Certified Licenses: NY High School Librarian/Media Specialist; NY Teacher of Earth Science.

I am experienced with the use of Trimble Global Positioning System equipment and software (field mapping in Death Valley and Badlands National Parks, summers of 1996 and 1997). I am also experienced with the the use of ArcView GIS (Geographic Information System software) and ERDAS Imagine (Remote Sensing Imaging software in a Unix environment).

I maintain a personal library of maps and information guides to national parks, and geological and paleontological field guides from throughout North America. I also maintain personal collections of fossils and fluorescent minerals from classic localities from the US and Canada. My geology slide collection includes photographs taken in 95 national parks and monuments throughout all 50 states.

Primary recreational interests: hiking, fossil collecting, kayaking, snorkeling, and photography. Ham Radio License (technician class): KB2NYD.

Additional Information Available Upon Request.